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Permanent hair removal
Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal tips

Face care after laser treatment

Types of  lasers

Hair growth inhibitors


Hair removal methods


Depilatory creams

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Rotary Epilators

Friction - pumice stones

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Hair composition
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Ingrown hair

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Hair removal has become necessary because body hair causes social  problems in most countries. Removal of hair does not improve the health of a person and almost all methods cause some damage to the skin.

Hair removal  is usually treated as a cosmetic procedure and you are usually not eligible to claim insurance if the anything goes wrong. Most manufacturers and providers of hair removal treatments are only interested in selling their product and do not inform the customers the drawbacks of  a particular method. For some time, X-rays was used to remove facial hair, but it caused cancer and death in users.  So, it is important to research all methods, before deciding on a particular hair removal treatment

 Most of the unwanted body hair is due to genetic reasons and most people look for the longest lasting , least painful and least expensive method for hair removal. Most women remove hair from their face, arms and legs. Some prefer to the hair less noticeable by using a hair bleach

For laser hair removal, please research the hair removal clinic you are planning to use.

Laser hair removal can cause burns, scars and pigment change

Health risks (including death) of laser hair removal
Have you gone under hair transplant surgery recently? Post FUE hair transplant care is crucial, and styling plays a significant role in the recovery process.

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