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Anne French hair remover is one of the oldest and widely used depilatory creams in India.  Often, Anne French is  the only depilatory cream available with chemists. A 40g jar costs Rs 33.

This hair remover is available in a glass bottle (jar) or a tube in cream or lotion form. There are four different fragrances available - sandal, rose, lavender and lemon. However, the chemical smell is stronger than any of the fragrances. Before purchasing, it is advisable to check the expiry date, since a fresh batch will be more effective than a hair remover pack close to the expiry date. A plastic spatula is supplied along with hair remover jar

 Annie French hair removal cream or lotion has to be applied using a spatula to the area where hair has to be removed. It is then left on the hair for 10-15 minutes and then rubbed off using a soft towel or fabric. If the hair remover is left on the skin for a longer time, it becomes hard and the skin also gets irritated. It is effective for 2-3 days, after which the new hairs are again visible

Before using Anne French hair remover for the first time, it is advisable to check your skin for allergy by applying it to a small area on your arm. Since the active ingredient is a chemical, which also reacts with the skin, repeated usage of  any hair remover results in darkening of the skin.

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