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Shaving is the most common and cheap hair removal method. The sharpened blade of a razor cuts off the hair at the surface of  the skin. Hair removal by shaving remains effective for a short duration , usually 1 to 3 days. By using a triple blade razor, the hair shaft is cut closer to the skin and if effective for a day more. Safety razors provide a better shave than electric razors.

Since only a razor, warm water and a shaving foam (or shaving cream) are required, shaving is inexpensive compared to other hair removal methods. A shaving cream usually consists of  potassium and sodium salts of a fatty acid, menthol, glycerin, boric acid, color, perfume and allantoin for moisturizing.

Shaving is fast,  painless (if you do not cut yourself), safe and can be done at home. Disposable razors, Razors with disposable blades and electric razors are available. By using a safety razor and changing the blade often, you can reduce the chances of getting cuts. Applying a moisturizing cream will soften the hair. 

 Compared to all other hair removal methods, shaving is effective for the shortest time, sometimes only for a few hours for dark hair people. It can cause skin irritation, bumps and cuts. When the hair is cut below the skin surface, ingrown hair grows into the surrounding tissue causing swelling of  the skin.

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