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Waxing is the most effective method for temporary hair removal, since the hair is removed with its roots. Cold or hot wax can be used. Hot waxes contain sugar to make their removal easier. Hot wax is messier than cold wax, but many people get better results with hot waxing. Cold waxes are more easily available at chemist shops.

It is important to dry the skin well before waxing. A thin layer of cold wax is applied to the area with unwanted hair in the direction of hair growth. A cloth strip is applied over the wax strip and then ripped off quickly against the direction of hair growth. If  the cloth strip is peeled off  slowly, hair may not come out properly.  Hot waxes melt at a temperature slightly above room temperature. The hair becomes trapped in the hot wax cools and solidifies. 

 To reduce the sting due to waxing, a pain reducing gel may be applied to the skin before waxing. A moisturizer should be applied to the skin. If facial hair is removed using waxing, a sun block should be used on the treated skin to prevent it from becoming darker when exposed to the sun. Hair should be at least 6 mm long for best results. Since the hair follicle is exposed after waxing, bacteria can multiply in areas where a person perspires like the lips and underarms. An antibacterial essential oil should be used to prevent infection.

Hair removal by waxing is effective for 3 to 6 weeks. The new hair that grows after a few weeks is softer, lighter and sparser since some hair roots are permanently destroyed. Since the top layer of dead skin cells are removed, the skin is also softer and smoother. Waxing kits are widely available in chemist shops.

Most people find waxing painful , since hair removed from the root but it also depends on the sensitivity of the skin. For coarse hair, waxing is likely to be more painful. Tiny red pinprick dots are found on the skin where the hair has been removed, and they can take a week to heal. Waxing should not be done on persons who have diabetes, since it may result in infection or on persons with a sensitive skin. It cannot be done on skin that is broken or irritated. If skin is exposed to direct sunlight immediately after waxing, the skin may get burnt. Waxing may cause ingrown hairs Compared to other treatments, professional waxing is expensive.
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