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Electrolysis can be used for permanent hair removal for most people, if  the treatment is performed correctly by a licensed electrologist . This method was first used in 1875. In needle electrolysis, a  fine  needle is inserted into the hair follicle and an electric current is passed through the hair root, killing the hair producing dermal papilla. The loosened hair is then removed using tweezers.  Proper insertion of the electrolysis needle will not damage the skin. By using a pain reducing gel, 30-60 minutes in advance, the pain can be reduced. A number of electrolysis treatments are required over a period of time to remove hair from a particular area.

Since electrolysis has been used for hair removal for more than 125 years, it has longest history of results and results in permanent hair removal for most  people.

Compared to other hair removal methods, electrolysis is expensive and time consuming. It is painful and cannot be used on large areas with hair. If the electrolysis is not performed properly , it can result in permanent skin damage, infection and the hair may grow back again. Sometimes, the needle may touch the skin, resulting in electric shock.

 In USA, in more than 30 states, electrolysis can be performed by licensed professionals who have to complete 120 hours to 1100 hours of  training to be qualified. In most other countries like India, there is no regulator authority.

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