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Rotary epilators have usually have at least two rows of  tweezers (electric rubber rollers or  coiled spring) which catch the hair and pull it out from the root. They are effective on arm and leg hair, since the skin is not very delicate in these areas. Hair removal is effective for several days to a few weeks. Since epilators are electrical devices they should be only used on dry skin.


Since the hair follicles are not destroyed by rotary epilators, hair will grow back again after a few weeks.

Epilators cannot be used on fine hair or short hair , since it is difficult for the tweezers to grasp the hair and pluck it out. Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long if they are to be removed using epilators. It is faster than tweezing and not as messy as waxing

Using epilators can cause skin irritation and ingrown hair. 

Epilators should not be used on sensitive skin on the face or on broken skin.

Most users of epilators have found it painful, but it can be made bearable  by swallowing a pain killer.

Epilators from Braun, a German company are widely used and a "special pain softener". They claim that even hairs as short as 0.5mm can be removed by the epilator.

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