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Plucking or tweezing of  hair is the simplest and cheapest method of hair removal.  Using metal forceps, a hair are pulled out  from the root of the hair.  The  skin is stretched tightly , the tweezers is used to grip the hair close to the root and the hair is pulled out. This method is used to remove hair from the eyebrows or the face. It can be done at home with a mirror and tweezers. A small handheld mirror is more convenient for removing hair.


The disadvantage of using this method is that removal of  each hair separately is very time consuming for a large area on the face.

Also, not all the facial hair is visible using a mirror and the hair is difficult to remove yourself. If the facial skin is sensitive, it may become inflamed after removal of hair.

Tweezing may cause ingrown hair, where hair grows beneath the skin, if the hair breaks off beneath the skin. Ingrown hair is due to the blockage of the hair follicle and a small needle can be used to free the hair

Temporary red bumps may be formed on the skin if  the hair follicles are swollen

Tweezing can also cause scars to be  formed

To reduce the chances of infection after tweezing hair, the tweezers should be sterilized before use.

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