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Depilatory creams are widely used for hair removal and remove hair at the skin surface. The alkaline chemical in the depilatory cream, calcium thioglycolate reacts with the protein structure of  the hair , so the hair dissolves and can be wiped or washed away.  They are usually used on the arms and legs. Formulations used on the face and chin should be marked as suitable for sensitive skin.

Depilatory creams are fast , most remove hair in less than 15 minutes

They are easily available in more chemist and grocery shops.

A small bottle of  depilatory cream usually costs less than US$1 (Rs 50)

Depilatories are a less painful than other hair removal methods like waxing and threading


Compared to the other methods, hair removal by using depilatory creams is effective only for a short duration - usually a few days.

Most depilatories have a strong unpleasant odor

If used with sensitive skin, it can cause rash and inflammation

Depilatories may not be very effective with coarse hair

If instructions are not followed and the depilatory creams are applied for too long, they cause chemical burns or scarring


Unlike the FDA in USA, there is no regulatory body for cosmetic treatments in India, so most users use depilatory creams or waxing

Depilatory creams available

Anne French hair remover

Fem cream hair remover

Cosmo Silky hair remover cream

Veet hair removal cream from Reckitt Beckinser

Nair cream hair remover

Sally Hansen lotion hair remover

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