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Nair cream hair remover consists mineral oil, calcium thioglycolate, calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, cetearth- 20, cetearyl alchohol, fragrance and iron oxide. Compared to other depilatory creams, it does not have a very strong odour. A Baby oil version is available which is more suitable for sensitive skin

 Like all depilatory creams, first test it by applying to a small area. Wait for 24 hours and only if there is no change in the appearance of skin (no rash/redness) , you should go ahead and apply it on a larger area. It is best used after a warm bath when the hair is soft.

 The depilatory cream should be applied in a layer on the skin and should never be rubbed in. The cream should be strictly applied only for the time specified in the usage instructions. It is advisable to user a timer or watch for accurately measuring the time. After wiping the cream off,  the area should be thoroughly washed with water. Depilatories should never be used on sunburned skin or skin with cuts, abrasions.

Some users have experienced a burning sensation after using Nair cream hair remover. Also small red bumps may be formed and the skin may start itching. So before using, it is advisable to test properly..

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