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Hair inhibitors reduce the rate of  growth of  hair. There is no scientific evidence to show that most hair inhibitors are effective.  The only proven hair inhibitors which are effective in some women are

1. Prescription oral medicines which usually act on  the androgen and testosterone produced in the body causing hirsutism.  Spironolactone (Aldactone), Ketoconazole, Finasteride (Propecia , Proscar), Flutamide, Cyproterone acetate are some of  widely used drugs

2. Vaniqa is the first prescription cream whose effectiveness in reducing facial hair has been clinically proven. The active ingredient in Vaniqa is eflornithine HCl , 13.9% which inhibits the enzyme that causes hair growth . By using Vaniqa, about 58% of  the women who participated in clinical trials showed some reduction in hair growth, but there was no improvement for 42% of  users

 Vaniqa is a prescription drug  and should be used only after consultation with a doctor. It should massaged twice a day on the affected area. Some improvement is visible after a minimum of  8 weeks and if  there is no improvement after 6 months, it should be discontinued. If  usage of  Vaniqa is stopped, the hair will resume growing as before. Using Vaniqa will only retard the growth of hair and improve the appearance of some customers, a hair removal method like shaving, plucking will also have to be used to remove existing hair.

Hair inhibitors can be expensive , and using Vaniqa for a month can cost about US$60.

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