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The rough surface of  pumice stones, sandpaper, emery paper or mitts is rubbed against the hair and the hair is removed at the surface of the skin. This is used mainly for removal of hair on the leg. The pumice stone, sandpaper or mitts should only be rubbed gently against the skin. 

Only the finest Sandpaper of  600 grit, available in  automotive supply shops should be used for hair removal. Coarser sandpaper/emery paper available in hardware shops should not be used as it may damage the skin

Pumice stones are made from carbon based volcanic rocks and have been used for hair removal for a long time. They should be used only on wet skin with soap. By rubbing pumice stones over the skin, mechanical friction is generated and the hair wears off. Pumice stones last for a long time, with some manufacturers offering a lifetime warranty  Compared to chemical depilatories this hair removal method is less likely to irritate the skin. A non perfumed moisturizer is to be used after the hair is removed to reduce inflammation

 Using friction to remove hair is fast , inexpensive , can be done at home using widely available products. However, it lasts for a very short time and some users have reported that the skin gets irritated. This method should never be used on broken or damaged skin  


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