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Since most hair removal methods are temporary and painful, many people prefer to make their body and facial hair less noticeable by bleaching it. The bleach used on human hair and skin, is less harsh than that used for clothes and other cleaning applications.

The facial bleach packs available at chemist shops consist of  a cream and powder. The cream and powder should be mixed using a plastic spatula provided . The mixture is then applied on the hair for ten to fifteen minutes according to the manufacturers instruction. The mixture is then washed away. Along with the hair, the skin will also become lighter. The skin will revert to the original colour within 2 to 3 days. As new dark hair grows in one or 2 weeks, it may again need to be bleached.

The effectiveness of  bleaching varies from person to person. If a person has coarse hair, the bleached hair will still be noticeable, but it may not be obvious for a person with fine facial hair. Persons with sensitive skin  may experience a burning sensation and may wash away the bleach after a very short time.

A home remedy for making a bleaching solution consists of  1/2 cup soap flakes, 2 teaspoons ammonia and peroxide. These ingredients should be mixed together to form a paste and spread on the hair for 15 minutes.  The paste should then be washed away.  First test the paste on a small area of  your hair, to check if  your skin is allergic. Only then you should apply  the paste to a larger area. Other home remedies use lime, turmeric and curds, but these only bleach the skin.

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