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Threading is an old hair removal technique used in Middle East, India and China . It is widely used for shaping eyebrows and facial hair removal even today in India and places with a large South Asian population. Perfecting this hair removal technique takes time and only an experienced person should be allowed to do threading.

A 100% cotton thread is used for eyebrow shaping by removing unwanted hairs. It should be strong enough, so that it does not break.  The thread is used to trap the hair  in loops and the hair is then pulled out from the follicle. Since the hair to be removed is selected precisely, there is more control on the shape of  the eyebrow compared to other methods like waxing where only a stencil is used.

Threading is a quick and inexpensive method of hair removal compared to plucking where each hair has to be removed individually. The beautician has better control over the process and is less messy. Since hair is removed from the follicle, the results last for two to four weeks. When the hair grows again, it is usually finer and thinner. There is no irritation or skin rashes, since the top layer of skin is not peeled off. In USA threading costs $5 to $15 for upper lip and eyebrows. In India it can cost as little as Rs 10 for eyebrows only.

Depending on the skill of  the beautician, some users who have their eyebrows threaded find it painful. The pain can be reduced by applying an icepack. It can also cause infection if proper hygiene is not maintained. Threading is usually done every 2 to 3 weeks.

.Learn how to do threading yourself -  Step by step guide to threading at home

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