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Lasers are optical devices which can be set to  produce  mono-chromatic beams of light in a very narrow band of  wavelengths. Unlike Intense Pulse Light machines which use light of all wavelengths, damaging the skin tissue during hair removal , lasers designed for permanent hair reduction emit  light of  specified wavelength only.  This wavelength is selected according to skin and hair type. The best laser type for treatment differs from person to person.


Alexandrite long pulse and diode lasers are used for light skinned people when the hair is dark enough and has enough pigment to absorb the laser energy within the follicle. The actual effectiveness depends on the skill of the technician at the hair removal clinic. Some of the widely used alexandrite lasers include GentleLASE by Candela Corporation , Apogee by Cynosure and EpiTouch Plus.

Hair removal clinics using Candela GentleLASE Alexandrite
Diode lasers work best on skin types of  light skinned people (Caucasian and Asian).  Alexandrite and diode lasers are more effective on finer hair. The main manufacturers of diode lasers are LightSheer, SLP 1000, F1 Diode, MeDioStar, LaserLite, Epistar, Apex 800, Comet, Palomar SLP 1000. More technical skills and experience are required to use the LightSheer laser effectively. The Lightsheer laser is popular in hair removal clinics and   can be used on skin types I-IV.

Nd:YAG long pulse lasers are used for treating darker skin types or patients of color such as Afro-American, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, European and Middle Eastern. They are safer on dark skin than other types of lasers, which cause loss of skin pigmentation.

The main manufacturers are CoolGlide, GentleYAG, Lyra-i, Sciton, Apogee Elite, Medlite IV, Varia, Athos

Laser Hair removal clinics using the Cutera Coolglide Yag


Ruby laser types are RubyStar, E2000. Old Ruby laser machines are to be used only with very pale skin.

Comet and Aurora lasers are manufactured by Syneron Medical Ltd. They use RF frequency pulses also.

The Nd:Yag laser is one of the first hair lasers and is used by Kaya Skin Clinic in India.

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