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Laser hair removal is expensive, so it is important to ascertain facts before deciding to use this hair removal method.

1. Since incorrect use could damage your skin, check the reputation of the hair removal  salon / clinic.  Laser hair removal clinics with staff  with a background in nursing are the recommended.

Find the education, training and experience of the staff. Find out the number of customers who have been treated with the device, their skin tone, painkillers used and other information.
2. Most  clinics will offer a free consultation and ask for all the information before making  a decision on laser hair removal.  Ask for a test  on a small patch , so that you can check if you can withstand the pain.

3.  Most clinics offer a number of  payment plans. You may be either required to pay a high price per hair removal session or  you can purchase a package which includes a number of  hair removal sessions. After the minimum number of hair removal sessions , you may have to choose between a  maintenance program, where you pay per session or go back to them for free treatments (programs offering lifetime guarantee).
4. There has to be a minimum gap (usually about a month) between 2 laser hair removal sessions, so this is not a quick method of  hair removal.

5. Before starting, find out the company policy

a.  if  you still have hair after completing treatment

b. if there is a change in skin tone or burn during treatment.

Try to get these details in writing.



1.The skin on different parts of the body has different pain thresholds

2.Ask  the clinic /salon to recommend an anesthetic cream , which will reduce the pain during treatment . The cream has to be applied shortly before treatment.

3. You will have to wear goggles while the laser is directed to your skin and a gel will be applied to the skin area treated.

4. You can wax or shave your hair in between sessions

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